How Does It Work

Hearing is Believing.

How can I stop that rain noise is the usual question You can’t stop the rain, but Silent Roof will dramatically reduce rain noise to a whisper. The short video clip above demonstrates audibly the effect of water dropping on to a metal surface. This simulates rain noise with and without the benefit of  a covering of Silent Roof material on a hard surface.  REMEMBER, turn up the volume of your device before pressing the play button. It’s the soundtrack that is of interest as well as the video. 

Silent Roof – Will stop rain noise interruptions from your roof.

A unique material that in simple terms shatters falling rain drops on it’s upper smooth surface which dramatically reduces the rain noise to a whisper. The rain water then trickles through the lattice  then drips on to the original roof surface and away in to the rain water drainage system. Silent Roof will stop the great majority of rain noise on any composite roofing structure to a mere whisper. The material is black in colour and is UV stabilised. Due to the flexible properties of the material it can be utilised  on any surface be it flat or curved. We have developed various means of securing the material to a variety of surfaces.

A Technical Description

SRM is a flexible, three dimensional matting, produced from polyamide mono filaments welded together
where they cross to form a tough, open structure. It has a flat back on one side produced from mono filaments in an irregular, two dimensional structure which is thermally bonded to the three dimensional structure.

Profile Metal Roofing Profile metal roof structures and the like are covered completely with continuous lengths of black Silent Roof material, each length is secured to it’s neighbour and anchored at the extremities. Due to the open lattice structure of the material it presents very little wind resistance therefore being unaffected by inclement weather conditions. Take a look at our recent metal roof project.