What we do

We at Silent Roof have developed a solution to the problem of rain noise emanating from hard roof surfaces in to the living or working space beneath.  

Once installed the space below the treated roof surface immediately benefits from a dramatic reduction in rain noise pollution. The images below are an illustration of how the SRM is applied.

The Silent Roof Material (SRM) is black in colour and is UV stabilised.

See how it works

Silent Roof installation team laying Silent Roof material on a large metal profile roof surface
Fitting Silent Roof material

Profile Metal Roofing Panels – Dramatically Reduce Rainfall Noise

In situations where rain noise on a metal profile or composite roofing material is affecting the work space below give us a call at Silent Roof, we have the solution to your problem. In association with the world leading manufacturer of three dimensional matrix matting insulation products, a Silent Roof system installed on top of your existing roof dramatically reduces rain noise before it occurs. Rain noise on these types of roof structures is a nuisance in many different environments; industrial factory units, schools, the filming sector, commercial offices and the like. See one of our latest projects. The Silent Roof material curbs rain noise to a comfortable quiet whisper. In simple terms, the hard roof surface acts like a drum skin to generate an annoying, loud, but ‘tinny’ high frequency sound when impacted by falling rain drops which is irritating to the human ear.  We have developed  a unique retro fit solution that cuts the resonant frequency and suppresses the level of noise produced to deliver a better acoustic performance.